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We are an approved dol testing location.

A non-comprehensive outline of the testing process follows:

To take knowledge exam:

  • Pay any outstanding debts to us.
  • Be at least 15 1/2 or qualify for exception due to drivers ed.
  • Have your license number. It can be created at dol.wa.gov  if you 'pre-apply'.
  • We advise you to study the Driver Guide!!
  • Bring ID and $40 to an open testing time. (Or qualify with class*)
  • If you need an individual appointment call ahead and plan to pay an extra $30 per test
  • Fill out your testing application (this can be done ahead of time.)
  • Take exam with group
  • Plan at least a full hour for the testing process.
  • After you pass, get permit at dol if desired/needed to practice ahead. (Restrictions apply)

To take skills exam:

  • Pay any outstanding debts to us.
  • Be 18 or have completed appropriate drivers training, such as with us.
  • Pass knowledge exam
  • Make plans for a fully functioning vehicle, properly licensed and insured, to be available (it can belong to anyone as long as it is properly insured for you to drive)
  • If you have restrictions, such as SR 22 or VIIL or corrective lenses, etc. you must honor them.  We do NOT have a VIIL equipped vehicle available for your use.
  • Make appointment for drive.
  • Fill out application - if not on file - and pay - at least 24 hours prior to exam.
  • No refunds.
  • Learn or review your hand signals, and how to operate 'your' car as cars vary.
  • Be particularly alert to ensure all lights work, including all three brake lights if so equipped. Front doors and windows must open and close smoothly. Seat belts for you and the examiner must be worn and function properly.
    Remember you still have the same legal status/requirements in effect until you have your license in hand. Passing scores are strictly numbers in the computer!!
  • We advise you to go to dol.wa.gov and read about the skills exam. 
  • Videos are available through dol.wa.gov links to youtube.
  • Practice practice practice - only IF legal for you to do so.
  • Have 'your' car parked on our side of F St. (Or if necessary on the other side BUT in that case not any closer than the far side of the alley. Do NOT park in the alley as those spots are all private property). Bring the current proof of insurance card for 'your' vehicle (electronic ok at this time), or for yourself if you have SR22 or broad form for yourself (commonly known as 'insuring your license')
  • Exam takes about 18 minutes in the car and 10 in the office if all goes right.
  • Do NOT be more than ten minutes late or you will need to reschedule for a $25 fee.
  • After you pass, we put the score in the computer, and you move ahead with the dol to get your license at the appropriate time. Some qualify to take care of this online.
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